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**NEW** 2020 Annual Review - An update of performance, trends, research, and topics for the long-term investor. 

The year in review-As the year began, which seems like eons ago, the U.S. economy was humming along, unemployment was at a 50 year low and investors continued to benefit from the long term bull market. Then the lights went out! A barely understood virus instantly closed economies around the world, markets plummeted and unemployment skyrocketed. Read More

2020 Fall Newsletter – Lessons of History Series - Economic Equality vs. Efficiency. Read More

Building and Managing Your Investment Portfolio

After we have worked together to develop an appropriate asset allocation, it is time to start building the portfolio. Based on your allocation we will start to build out each asset class. With $100,000 or more to invest in individual stocks, we believe this is a great method to build and manage a portfolio. Read More